Katherine Stone

daily inspiration: katherine stone’s daily hope

Katherine is a nationally recognized advocate for women’s health and was named a WebMD Health Hero for her work supporting mothers with postpartum depression. Her writing on this topic, which won her a Media Award from Mental Health America, has appeared on the websites of the Today Show, PBS, Health.com, More magazine and more. She also has served as a community leader for ABC News’ and the United Nation Foundation’s Million Moms Challenge to create awareness of global maternal health issues. Her goal is to ensure that companies and NGOs operating in the health industry understand the needs of women and how to communicate with them.

Katherine has experienced postpartum depression, severe and disabling nerve damage, and psychiatric hospitalization, all things that could cause anyone to crumble. Yet, she was named one of the 50 Fiercest Women in America. Katherine Stone’s Daily Hope encourages you — to harness the fierceness within to overcome your own daily battle. It’s a reminder that it is possible to truly become fierce and powerful in your own life.

daily inspiration: katherine stone’s daily hope

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