Hopeful Divorce: Field Notes from a Friend

hopeful divorce: field notes from a friend

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What if divorce were an opportunity to discover and claim the truest parts of yourself?
What if you had a friend who wrote you every day reminding you that you are not alone?
What if your children needed to see you this way to know what courage looks like?
What if you had a place to tell your stories with other divorced and divorcing mothers?
What if divorce were actually a bridge to your hopeful future?
What if there were an affordable way to care for yourself for the next year?

sage cohen
jennifer new

If you’re a mother going through a divorce, you don’t have to go it alone. hopeful divorce — field notes from a friend is a year-long journey designed to help you discover hope, healing and wholeness as you move through divorce. You can expect powerful, soul-fortifying daily support to help you face whatever emotional, financial and practical challenges this time of transition can bring.

Every weekday for a year, you will receive an email from hopeful divorce that holds your hand as it offers the insights you need to cultivate power, access inner wisdom, tap emotional truths, and navigate grace. Your daily contemplation, story, poem or quote will guide you to explore the struggles and opportunities we all face as we transition from one way of life to another.

Wherever you are on your divorce journey, you’ll be invited through a daily practice to:
• contemplate new possibilities
• mourn and release what you are leaving behind
• find strength and inspiration in who you are becoming
• and move toward your emerging vision of love and self care

After your first month of emails, you’ll have access to a private forum where you can connect with other mothers moving through divorce transitions about the topics that interest you most. You will have access to the forum for a full year.

Friends Guiding Your Journey
Your field guides through this journey will be Jennifer New and Sage Cohen, soulful women writers who have stood in your shoes and lived to write about it.

Jennifer New is a mother and writer living in Iowa City, Iowa. She was married for fifteen years – a marriage that brought her much happiness and two children, as well as some very rocky times. For Jennifer, the process of divorce was also a time of relearning how to be a single person, re-committing to herself, and re-examining her beliefs about relationships. Read more about Jennifer.

Sage Cohen lives in Portland, Oregon with her son, three cats, and two dogs, which makes her lap eternally in demand and covered in hair. Sage got pregnant and married in 2008, got divorced in 2011, and wrote two books, had one c-section and one miscarriage in between. Deeply melancholic and profoundly optimistic, Sage has been investigating how these character paradoxes brought her into and out of her marriage–and how they will guide her journey from here. Read more about Sage.

What do I get, exactly?
You will receive an invitation every weekday via email from hopeful divorce, prompting a daily practice that supports you during your transition. These messages will include: contemplations, brief stories, poems, quotes, musings, suggested rituals, invitations to try new things or think new thoughts — for six months!

Plus, after your first month, you’ll get access to the private hopeful divorce forum.

What does it cost?
Registration for six months of hopeful divorce — field notes from a friend is just $55. (that’s less than $10/month)

After payment, you must confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you’ll receive via email. Please provide a non-Yahoo email address for this product to ensure reliable deliverability.

What if divorce could actually bring hope, healing and wholeness?
What if you could be sure a whole self and a whole life awaited you on the other side of divorce? We created hopeful divorce because we believe that divorce is actually an opportunity to discover and claim the truest parts of ourselves. This has been our experience, and we want to share it with any mother who could use a friend as she navigates the challenging terrain of divorce.

Who would benefit from Hopeful Divorce?
Hopeful divorce was created by mothers, for mothers. This year-long journey is intended to speak to women in various stages of this process: contemplating divorce, in the midst of it right now, or reflecting on a divorce that is already complete.

What doesn’t Hopeful Divorce cover?
Divorce is a continuum that is unique for every mother. While we explore a wide array of perspectives, we will never be able to represent every individual experience. You may be facing challenges that this journey does not specifically address. We believe that in deeply experiencing another mother’s challenges and triumphs, we have an opportunity to get closer to our own stories — and hopeful futures — even when our circumstances may be quite different.

In the hopes that you have an opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with mothers who can relate to your specific circumstances, we created the hopeful divorce forum.

The Hopeful Divorce journey is not intended to take the place of firsthand support and advice from your medical, spiritual, and legal community.

What does Hopeful Divorce mean for the rest of the world?
Ten percent of revenue generated from hopeful divorce goes into a scholarship fund for single mothers in Rwanda in need of vocational training to support themselves and their children. Inspired by Odette Umurerwa, the Hopeful Divorce Turikumwe Scholarship Fund provides the chance young women need to learn a trade and economically gain independence — especially in situations where staying in a difficult marriage would compromise basic safety and sustenance.

We welcome your support in helping these young women directly. If you are not joining the hopeful divorce community, you can still contribute to the fund. Send a payment via PayPal to help(@)hopefulworld(.)org with “Turikumwe” in the subject line. Making a difference is that simple.

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